Sent To Device button for any website

Help your readers to keep your post at hands by simplifying the switch between screens. The QiikChat sharebox allows visitors to easily send your site deep link to any own devices including mobiles and computers. Visitors don't need to register or download any software.

Directly opening the dialog box

You can enable the QiikChat send to device feature by directly opening in a window the link{the-link-to-share-here}

Stream-This-To-TV button for video streaming sites

Build visitors loyalty by allowing your users to instantly cast your online video to the connected TV. You can generate your TV friendly streaming URL by using http://Qiik.TV

Chatroom widget for restaurant websites

The chatroom widget enables restaurant owners to offer LOCAL CHATROOM to clients connected to the restaurant's WIFI. No registration is required.

You can embed the Chatroom feature to your own website by adding the code below:

<iframe style="max-width: 100% !important;" width="560" height="315" src=""></iframe>

Live JSON API generator for the Internet of things

Test your Arduino WifiClient by using the QiikChat JSON API emulator. You can for example use it to simulate your favorite weather API. No server setup, just submit your custom JSON string and your API is live.

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