What is QiikChat

QiikChat is a messaging platform for sending text and links across devices. You can, for example, use QiikChat to send a link from your mobile to your computer, or from your computer to your connected TV, without the need to install any app or software. You don't need to register or login to use QiikChat, all devices under same local network or home wifi will be instantly connected to each others*.

*Patent pending technology

What is QiikChat for IoT

The QiikChat for IoT enables connected device makers to instantly publish a JSON API for testing purpose. It requires no server setup and accepts both GET and PUT commands. A JSON explorer is also available to help the user accessing variables.

Can I use QiikChat on my own website

YES of course, please check out our available plugins.

How can I see my sent links and messages?

Whether you sent your message via a website share button or you used directly the QiikChat platform, you can see your sent message by simply visiting with your computer or mobile phone. The history page is also available if you want to see more than your last three messages.

Note that all of your devices need to be under the same local network to see each other.

Can I use QiikChat to send files to other devices?

YES, you can send files to any devices connected to the network. Click on the paper clap icon in the text field to attach a new file.

How do I know that my devices are under the same network?

Generally, all devices connected to the same router will share the same local network. For example, all of your devices using the same home wifi will be hosted by the same QiikChat room. You can see your device's host network by visiting the QiikChat homepage. The network number is located on the menu bar.

Establishing a private channel

QiikChat channel is by default in discovery mode. It means that all devices under the same network will share the same message room. If you are in a public network, you can create a private channel between your devices by typing the ID and the password of your targeted device. You can see the current device ID's here

Connecting to a private device

You can have more than two devices in your private channel. You can add a device to your existing channel by connecting the new device to any mobile or computer already in the private room.

I can't see my message

If you don't see your previous messages or if your history page is empty, make sure that your device is still under the same network or that your IP address hasn't changed. You cannot for example see a message sent via a local wifi network if your mobile has moved to a mobile network.

If your IP address is likely to change all the time, you can keep your message at reach independently of the IP and the network by creating a private channel.

What is my device ID? What is my device password?

You can see your device ID and your device password from the homepage by clicking on the right top menu, located under the SEND TO DEVICE button

You can also get these the two parameters here

I see people's public message

QiikChat' chatrooms are linked to the device IP address. If you are under a public network or if you inherit other's public IP address, you may see others' public messages. You can keep your message room totally private by creating a private channel.

My mobile is not synchronized

In order to save your device's battery, messages are not automatically synchronized on mobiles and tablets. You will need to click on the SYNC button to see your last received message.

Why do I see a captcha?

Sending are limited to a certain rate. The captcha appears if you reach the maximum allowed message.

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